Fiber Optic System Design Course

The Certified Fiber Optic Specialist Design (CFOS/D) training program is a two and a half day course. The course format is a mix of lecturing and hands-on practice through case studies. It will provide students with the opportunity to learn the techniques for capturing the design requirements and producing a successful fiber optic system design.

Intensive tutoring by the instructor will give each student ample opportunity to ask questions and receive one-on-one tutoring.

Quick Summary

The course is:

  • 2.5 days long
  • Two days instruction and practice
  • Quarter day review
  • CFOS/D exam

Tuition includes:

  • Class presentation
  • Class handouts

Important Details:

  • $1100 + GST
  • First come first served
  • Please register online.
All Inclusive Fee

Course tuition covers the following services and materials:

  • Lecture slide binder
  • All handouts
  • All lab supplies
  • CFOS/D exam fee
  • Wall mount certificate of completion from Nine Micron
  • Wallet sized official FOA certification card

All necessary hand tools and test equipment will be furnished by Nine Micron Inc.

This course equips you with the knowledge, skills and confidence so you will be ready to hit the ground running.
Full Description

The FOA specialist certification CFOS/D, or Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Design, is a course that covers how fiber optic networks are designed within the context of a complete communications system or a large infrastruction construction project.

This training and vertification focuses on how to design a fiber optic cable plant that will satisfy all the transmission requirements of a desired communication system. It is intended for network users and operators, contractors, installers, architects, Engineers, project managers and everyone else involved in projects that include fiber optics.

While fiber optic networks are the backbone of all telecom systems, they are widely used in other systems such as CATV, LANs, cellular phone towers, municipal wireless, security surveillance systems, metropolitan data networks, intelligent highway systems, fiber to the home. This is practically every communications network that you can think of. Since every fiber optic network is unique, its design needs to follow a thorough and detailed process from the beginning concept to the last commissioning step to ensure the design is successful.

The curriculum includes these topics:

  • Capturing the system requirements
  • Planning the network
  • Starting the documentation
  • Choosing equipment, hardware and components
  • Understanding power and loss budgets
  • Planning and supervising the installation process
  • Planning for operation and restoration
  • Hands-on case studies

If you are pursuing official FOA certification then you should have your CFOT already.

If you are not then you should have equivalent knowledge and experience in fiber optic communication technology and installation.

Course Topics
  • Optical budget calculations
  • Cable Plant loss calculations
FOA School #311

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