[prompt type=”center” title=”Calgary Training” message=”Nine Micron Inc provides regular scheduled Fiber Optic training in the Calgary area.” button_text=”Check the Training Schedule” button_icon=”calendar” href=”/calgary-training-schedule/” ] [content_band class=”mtn mbn ptn pbn”] [column type=”whole” style=”font-size:18px;” last=”true”]


[responsive_text selector=”.responsive-heading” compression=”1.5″ min_size=”18px” max_size=”78px”] [/column] [container class=”pas”] [column type=”two-thirds” style=”font-size:18px;” last=”false”] [custom_headline class=”responsive-heading mtn ptn” type=”left” level=”h3″ accent=”true” ]Who Are We?[/custom_headline] [responsive_text selector=”.responsive-heading” compression=”1.5″ min_size=”18px” max_size=”78px”] [icon_list] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]Nine Micron Inc is Western Canada’s only FOA approved mobile fiber optic training organization.[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]We are recognized by the Fiber Optic Association as an FOA Approved School (#311).[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]We have been in business since 2009.[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]Our passion is to give you knowledge, skills and confidence so that you are ready to hit the ground running.[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]We are here to help you succeed by focusing on your priorities.[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]We provide fiber optic training, design consultation, tools and test equipment.[/icon_list_item] [/icon_list] [custom_headline class=”responsive-heading” type=”left” level=”h3″ accent=”true” ]What we can do for you?[/custom_headline] [responsive_text selector=”.responsive-heading” compression=”1.5″ min_size=”18px” max_size=”78px”] [gap size=”25px”] [icon_list] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]We are a mobile training organization. We will come and teach your crew at your location. Wherever you are![/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]We also provide regular scheduled CFOT classes in Calgary so you don’t have to leave Calgary to get CFOT training.[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]We can provide you with all the fiber optic tools, test equipment and supplies that you need to get the job done.[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right”]We maintain small class sizes (maximum of six students) to allow us to give one-on-one mentoring of each student.[/icon_list_item] [/icon_list] [/column] [column type=”one-third” class=”pal” style=”border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.15); border-radius: 4px; font-size:18px; background: #eee” last=”true”] [custom_headline class=”resp-h mvn” type=”center” level=”h4″]Tell us more about your needs![/custom_headline] [gap size=”25px”] [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] [/column] [/container] [/content_band]