Certified Fiber Optic Technician Course

The Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT) designation is a worldwide recognized certification from the Fiber Optic Association (FOA).

The course format is a mix of lecturing and hands-on practice where the students will learn how to assemble, clean, inspect, test, repair and document fiber optic systems.

Intensive tutoring by the instructor will give each student ample opportunity to ask questions and receive one-on-one tutoring.

Quick Summary

The course is:

  • Five days long
  • Two days Instruction
  • Two days hands on Practice
  • Half day Review
  • CFOT Exam

Tuition includes:

  • Class presentation
  • Class handouts
  • All lab supplies
  • Three Year FOA Membership

Important details:

  • $2100 + GST
  • First come first served
  • Please register online
All Inclusive

Course tuition covers the following services and materials:

  • Lecture slides binder
  • Textbook
  • All handouts
  • All lab supplies
  • Exam fee
  • Three year FOA membership
  • Wall mount certificate of completion from Nine Micron
  • Wallet sized official FOA certification card

All necessary hand tools and test equipment will be furnished by Nine Micron Inc.

Full Description

Nine Micron offers the Certified Fiber Optic (CFOT) course. It is the Fiber Optic Association’s certification for general fiber optic applications. It is a first level certification and a prerequisite for any Specialist (CFOS/x) FOA certifications.

This course makes use of the FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics textbook by Jim Hayes. It is included with your registration.

The course format is a combination of lectures and hands-on training. Course topics include: Fiber Optic Theory, Fiber Optic Applications, Cable Characteristics, Connectors, Splicing, Testing and Troubleshooting.

Students are given a practical introduction to the tools of the trade. Examples include VFL, Light Source and Power Meter and OTDR. A Show-and-tell of various types of cables and connectors will be given. Students will be shown the techniques of handling, inspecting, cleaning, terminating, splicing and testing fiber optic cables. The lab exercises will give ample opportunity to practice these techniques.

At the end of the course, students write the CFOT exam. The exam is a test of the student’s level of knowledge of fiber optics and covers technology, components, installation and testing. It is a 100 question exam and the passing grade is 70%.

When the students have demonstrated satisfactory technique in the lab exercises and passed the exam then Nine Micron Inc will assign a certification number to the student and submit the student’s application to the Fiber Optic Association. The student will then receive from the FOA a membership card in the mail in approximately six weeks.

Our classes are limited to six students to ensure each participant receives individual mentoring. As time allows, our instructors strive to tailor relevant portions of the lab exercises the particular needs of the members of the class.

Nine Micron ensures that each student has all the fiber optic knowledge, tools and supplies they need to gain confidence in the future fiber optic duties.

Course Topics

The curriculum includes these topics:

  • Fiber Optic Theory
    • Multimode vs. Singlemode
    • Total Internal Reflection
    • CWDM and DWDM
    • Loss, Scattering, Absorption
  • Fiber Optic Applications
    • Long haul communications
    • Cellular backhaul
    • CATV
    • FTTH
    • Indoor LANs
  • Cable Characteristics
    • Mode, bandwidth, wavelength
    • Cable loss
    • Cable construction
    • Cable types
  • Connectors
    • Types i.e.: ST, SC and LC
    • Termination techniques
    • Performance
  • Splicing
    • Mechanical
    • Fusion
  • Testing
    • End to End system loss
    • Design verification
  • Troubleshooting
    • Termini cleanliness
    • Termini damage
    • Cable damage
  • Test Equipment and Tool Usage
    • VFL
    • OTDR
    • Light Source & Power Meter
    • Hand tools
    • Fiber safety



FOA School #311

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