Testimonial Questions

The following questions are writing prompts to inspire your client as he writes his testimonial for you.

  1. What is your name?
  2. Who do you work for?
  3. What is your position of responsibility there?
  4. Did you attend a fiber optics course? If so, which one and when?
  5. What were you trying (or wishing) to accomplish?
  6. What problem did you run into that you needed help solving?
  7. What made you believe that John could solve your problem(s)?
  8. Did John solve your problem(s)?
  9. How did you discover John’s company – Nine Micron Inc?
  10. What John easy to get in touch with?
  11. How did you recognize that John listened to your concerns and understand your needs?
  12. Did John ask the right questions to dissipate your confusion?
  13. How confident are you with the answers John provided to solve your problems?
  14. Did John have a solid process for working through your problems?
  15. How satisfied are you with the solutions that John came up with?
  16. Will you ask John for help again in the future when you need it?
  17. Do you feel that John was looking out for your interests above his?
  18. Did John protect you from making potentially costly mistakes?
  19. Would you recommend John (Nine Micron Inc) to others who may need his help?
  20. What positive experience did you have during this process?
  21. What would you say to someone who is considering the services that John provides?